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Our policies

politicas institucionales ips universitaria

Environmental Policy

The IPS UNIVERSITARIA aware of the importance of environmental protection, is committed in working within a framework of sustainable development and social responsibility, and to develop a preventive environmental strategy and the continuous improvement through the implementation of cleaner technologies, integrated management of significant environmental aspects, the promotion of an environmental culture and strict compliance with environmental legislation in order to increase efficiency in the use of resources and mitigate significant impacts to the environment and society in general regarding the provision of health services.

This management should be associated with innovation, technological development and optimization of the physical, technical, human and financial resources, in the quest to improve productivity, efficiency and environmental costs, in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the institution.

Environmental Foundations:

  • To comply with environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Promoting an saving approach of natural resources, preventing and controlling pollution of air, water and soil elements.
  • Implement the use of products and cleaner technologies in the activities of the institution.
  • Support work activities with suppliers and contractors to apply environmental standards.
  • Educate workers of the institution in environmental awareness and the importance of their role in respect with the environment.
  • Put this policy, available to the public who requires it: employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Quality and Security Policy

Quality policy

The IPS UNIVERSITARIA is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of users and their families, providing health services in an accessible, timely, relevant, reliable and continuous matter. We assume this commitment, constantly improving the Quality Management System, providing reliable information to the user, providing a friendly, respectful and appropriate human resources and appropriate technology.

"We protect the most precious element, the health of our users"

Security policy

The IPS UNIVERSITARIA committed to strengthening the culture of patient safety, as a priority feature of quality, promotes safe and prevents unsafe actions, minimizing risks to patients, their families and staff that integrates the Institution.

Patient Safety Policy

The IPS UNIVERSITARIA committed to strengthening the safety culture as a priority feature of quality, promotes safe and prevent unsafe actions minimizing the risks for patients, their families and staff that integrates the institution.

Patient Safety Program:

At the IPS UNIVERSITARIA we have implemented a patient safety program that aims to reduce failures in care services that affect the safety of the patient and family transforming the organizational culture towards a safe care process.

As part of the safety program, we have as priority

Good security practices:

  1. To detect, prevent and reduce the risk of infections associated with health care.
  2. To improve the safe use of medical devices - Technosurveillance.
  3. Prevention and reduction in the frequency of falls.
  4. Improving safety in surgical procedures. Preventing anesthetic complications. Ensure the functionality of the informed consent.
  5. Prevent pressure ulcers.
  6. To ensure the correct identification of patient care processes.
  7. Prevent complications associated with availability and handling of blood and blood components and transfusion.
  8. Ensure the safe care of the mother – child relation.
  9. Implement rapid response teams.
  10. Improving security in obtaining diagnostic aids.
  11. Establish clear guidelines for the teaching process – assistance care defining ethical and legal responsibilities between the parties.
  12. Illustrate the patient in self-care for their own safety.
  13. Security of the physical environment.
  14. Safety in technological equipment.

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