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On 28 May 2013 the IPS UNIVERSITARIA signed with the Municipality of Apartadó an inter agreement for a period of six months for the relief operation and logistics of their public hospital network, which had a start date of July 5 of that year . On May 14, 2015 the contract to continue managing the network for 10 years spread.

The main headquarters in Apartadó for the IPS UNIVERSITARIA is the Antonio Roldan Betancur Hospital.

The IPS UNIVERSITARIA Apartado has the following groups of services


General, Pediatric, Gynecology.


General, Gynecology and Orthopedics.


Anesthesia, General Surgery, Dermatology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, General Medicine.

It also has three outpatient sites:

Alfonso López:

Located at calle Tercera N° 97 – 07, barrio Alfonso López. Phone: (+574) 826 11 11.

Pueblo Nuevo:

Located at carrera 88 N°34 – 09, barrio Pueblo Nuevo. Phone: (+574) 828 95 16.

San José:

It serves the rural area located approximately 30 minutes from the headquarters and the city center.

Main Headquarter

Hospital Antonio Roldán Betancur

Central of Appointment: 01800520500
Information: (+574) 828 31 01


Carrera 98 # 106 – 176, Barrio La Chinita.

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